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Despite the reduced number of film and a large amount of chemicals the use of digital equipment required for power supply, as well as constantly updated The equipment will consume more resources. As a photographer, should become a real "green" photographer. The following 9 recommendations can help you to save our earth.

1. To conserve electricity If you do not want to aggravate the greenhouse effect, that the use of digital equipment, the need to control power consumption - each unit of electricity generated will be scheduled Release of 1.4 pounds of greenhouse gases. choice the energy-saving equipment, and shut down when not in use.

2. To choose renewable power Digital Studio computer, camera charger, etc., will consume lots of energy. You should try to select those renewable energy power - wind power, hydropower, etc.

3. Materials recovery Digital Studio will produce a large amount of waste paper, accounting for one third of the total garbage generated. The use of the production of one ton of waste paper regeneration of the original Paper materials, wood pulp than in saving more than one-third of the resources. In addition, you can also insist on recycling cartridges (manufacturer Chamber of Commerce and marketing award points to you), as well as electrical appliances - e-waste contains toxic metals and chemicals, in order to recover them Conducive to break down, rather than directly to landfill

4. Energy Workshop Other energy-saving way of life is equally applicable to your studio. The use of energy-saving fluorescent lamps, air-conditioning temperature, which More energy-saving help to emission reduction.

5. Unplug the plug Chargers and other equipment in standby mode energy consumption will unknowingly. There are those who light the various charger And pull down all the power can help you save lots of money, but also a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

6. To do a responsible consumer Wallet with the environment for the vote. Purchase cameras, photo paper, film, give full consideration to environmental factors, recycling, energy consumption in order to And materials, etc..

7. To use your work to change It does not lie in the way of shooting, but shooting. Let your photos reflect the environment, thinking or problem-solving - Works of photographer is the most powerful weapon.

8. To promote environmental awareness Add up, the constant effort brings success. The way you tell your friends, spread a hundred - you can be made of this article MSN give you the shooting were to allow more people to be aware of how to improve our environment.

9. Good maintenance of your equipment and by reducing the frequency of upgrades A long life of the camera even more useful on the environment. Research to do a good job, be able to buy long-term use of the equipment and treat it. Because To create a new camera takes a lot of energy, the formation of pollution at the same time, and the maintenance of your equipment is not essential.

Protect the environment from now on.

Photo credits: Laststory.

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December 12, 2008


Let our Earth have more greens.

December 12, 2008


Go green, nice blog, hope such blogs educate people alike.

December 12, 2008


I'm always thinking green. Thanks Laststory for those enviromental tips on staying green.

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