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Well this could very well be the first training blog for all you photographers out there who would like to become "photo fit".

We have all felt that tiredness in the shoulders, cramps in the hands from holding that camera body and 800g lens hanging around your neck. The sore shoulders from walking all day with your gear in your backpack.

Well I have some suggestions for getting those vital parts that we as photographers need to work for long periods of time up to scratch.

Shoulders - do some lateral raises (arms slightly bent lifting weight away from the side your body) in the evening/mornings with a moderately weighted object. You don't need to use weights. Use something that tires the shoulder muscle after a few seconds.

20 repetitions for 3 sets.

Legs - Freestanding squats to the point of your knees being bent at a 90 degree angle and up again. These are really effective!!!

Hands - Get one of those grip balls/stress balls and squeeze and release until your hands get tired. The stiffer the ball the better. Even a well used tennis ball will do the trick.

Neck - Stretching exercises should be done with not overextend the neck in a stretch. Try and apply light resistance with your hand so that your neck muscles do get some resistance. Overexertion will hurt like crazy the next day.

I have found that doing the hands and shoulders exercises has proven to be beneficial. Especially when you have or are planning a full day shoot with a 24-70f2.8 lens and gripped body.

Have a super week all!!!



Photo credits: Michael De Nysschen.

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February 23, 2013


Hey there Mike....I sent you mail from your website. Thanks for the comments.

February 23, 2013


Hi Miraclemoments, we live in the same beautiful area of the Garden Route, not sure how I can contact you, email/cell?? I enjoy your seascapes, and recognize some of the coastlines you have shot.

February 06, 2013


"Greats shots!!!"

February 05, 2013


Great images!!!

February 05, 2013


Really beautiful photos!

February 05, 2013


Hahahah Alvera...

February 05, 2013


OMG, I have realy beautiful women in my kingdom!

February 04, 2013


Great images, beautiful model.

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