Becoming a photographer

My first blog post should be a short story about how I evolved as a photographer.

After taking pictures as a hobby for many years (since I got my first camera as present at the age of 6) I decided to take photography at a higher level. Equipped with an old 50 mm f2 lens mounted on a Zenith camera with various technical problems, I got some B&W films and shot a few randomly. Ha haaa!

The next thing I did was to start buying and borrowing technical photography books, including Alpatov's “History of Art” and “The Painter's Secret Geometry” (Charles Bouleau). In the next year, I was shooting self-given assignments and together with a couple of friends we were making (objective) commentaries on each other's images (only black and white photography, with hundreds of enlargements made in my bathroom as improvised lab). Color photographs came with my EOS 10D and since then everything has evolved quickly.

My experience as a photographer includes many press assignments and collaborations with several Romanian magazines, ONG's and companies, shooting for fashion catalog for a jeans designer. I also had a column in an entertainment magazine with photos and texts. I have had some of my images used in advertisements, for several collaborations (except for stock images), including the Broadway Gallery NYC.

I consider I have just got myself started on the long photography road and the best advice I can give for one is: experiment as much as you can and be patient with yourself, it takes talent, but also work and dedication to achieve high performances.

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July 25, 2007


He he....I know better you are a good took my pictures...and they look they say :P. Good luck with you work and keep up the good job.

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