Been away for so long...

Sorry for being away for so long, without posting, without uploading BUT... all I had to upload has gone... GONE WITH MY CAMERA SET!

I was going for a photosession last month, and had captured a lot of new pictures in that day in the middle of Mother Nature, BUT...

Mother Nature created also thieves, and once I was on my way back home, my car was crashed and my camera and lenses, and ALL I had with me was stolen in a glance, just the time to enter the shop to take something to eat that evening...

This is one of yours... the picture depicting exactly what happened.

Moreover, I lost ALL my photo instruments and had to spend more than 1000 euros to repair my car. So please take care while I am away trying to buy all my instruments again...

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October 22, 2016


Sorry for your lost hope you will be back soon!

October 20, 2016


Hi welcome back!

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Photo credits: Ginasanders.