Whether they generate fear or fascination, bees are crucial to the survival of everything. Without their function as pollinators, plants would not propagate, and we would not have fruits and vegetables - or anything else, for that matter - to eat! Here are a few bee photos that perhaps deserve more attention than they're getting on Dreamstime.

© Ventil

© Suerob

© Mobi68

© Bertos

Photo credits: , Bertos, David Lewis, Heike Falkenberg, Hayati Kayhan, Mobi68, Serg_velusceac, Stockshoppe, Susan Robinson, Toxotes, Dana Kenneth Johnson, Milan Toman, Xtremerx.

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Beautiful pictures!


Nice photos!


It is a great collection, great images.


Great images!


Image ID: 26839691 so cute : )


Great images...i also love them!...beautiful little creatures


Great photos. Not seen so many bees this year, they seem to be having a hard time at the moment, attacked from all sides with the weather, disease etc.


Beautiful pictures! You are so right! Bees are important! Thanks for sharing your pictures plus your thoughts.

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