Remember how i was! A photographer at the beginning of the road without too much knowledge about what it means to sell pictures.6 months ago when i opened my account and i have accepted the first pictures did not know anything, maybe 10% of what i know now and i am sure that over the other 6 months i will know a lot more than i know now.We all were beginners and we learned a little bit from each of us.Ideas, concepts, themes, inspiration...from here starts everything.You have an idea, a model or an object , create the concept, theme and inspiration comes and result the photo.You got a camera and a crazy mood of the picture? Then you can choose the theme or subject for photography.




© Maszas

Animals ?

abstract images?

© Py2000

Whatever you choose to photograph is a beginning, a way to relax and to work in a pleasant way. And I add a way to make friends .And if you're still a beginner here u find tutorials, lessons of how to become a good photographer and real advices from all photographers.I may not consider a beginner but i know i still have a lot to learn and i will learn like a good student.

I'm watching you to learn from the best.

I wish a Happy New Year and as many pictures sold.Thank you for your support also,Gabriel

Photo credits: Gabriel Blaj, Marilyn Gould, Marzanna Syncerz, Py2000, Jinyoung Lee.

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Hello Gabriel, Your portfolio was some very fine images, I could not have guessed that you are a beginner! I wish for you every success! Thank you for using my lioness image in your blog, a very nice surprise! Cheers, Marilyn


Yes that's right!


I agree with you, and believe the key is to never stop learning. When someone thinks they know everything , they stop learning how to learn.


We all learn something from here


Very true - my first images were accepted about five months ago - and I've learned a LOT but I still feel like a beginner and want to learn more all the time!


Thanks very much, I do hope so...


Thank you very much for your words,you did make me smile :)I did look in your portfolio and you have wonderful shots too,and you will have a lot of sales soon also.Good luck to you too!


Hi Gabriel, you have some amazing shots in your PF, if these are the work of a beginner, I look forward to seeing the images you supply in the near future. Good luck, with the learning, enjoyment, photography and ultimately, sales...

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