For beginners

Write an article! It is very interesting! Even if you don’t know you can write it! All you have to do is to talk with your images, to tell us about them. Also you need a few extra ingredients: a little bit of talent, a natural gift in writing, love for people and nature! Wow, tasty ingredients, what do you think?

Also, a successful ingredient is the confidence that you will write a good article, with powerful words, an article well understood by people!

So, your photos, your images have already spoken! You already feel it! This is in your blood!

Your story about your creations! This must be done! So… just publish it! Let us know how you created!

Your article will give you more freedom! Welcome in Dreamstime Blogs!

I like to write, I simply love English poetry, how it’s sounds every poem!

In 1837 these lyrics came to life:

That holy dream--that holy dream,

While all the world were chiding,

Hath cheered me as a lovely beam,

A lonely spirit guiding.( A Dream, by Edgar Allan Poe)

Writing in a world of dreaming, creativity, words and photos come together. This is Dreamstime for me and maybe for you, a wonderful world.

Autumn always gave me inspiration. Beautiful fall!

Enjoy it….

Photo credits: Dragos Daniel Iliescu.

Your article must be written in English

November 19, 2009


Wow, that image with the girl jumping sure is a winner. Love it.

October 07, 2009


I love to tell stories. And if I can tell them using photos and words, better yet. But I've always looked at these blogs more from the usefulness, in a photographic way, perspective.
Maybe I should rethink it ... my bugs often have wonderful stories behind them :)
Thanks for the tip.

October 06, 2009


very nice :-)

October 06, 2009


Lovely :0)

October 06, 2009


beautifull :)

October 06, 2009


well said.

October 06, 2009



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