In the Beginning

I have been taking photos for years. Many photos. Anytime there is a camera in my hand I am taking photos. Anytime there is not a camera in my hand I am composing scenes in my head and wishing I had a camera in my hands.

All the while people have been complementing me on my photography. On my raw, unedited work. Images that are screaming at me to refine, to make perfect.

But I never did anything with it. I let the photos sit on hard drives to be lost in the sands of time. To be hidden in a box in the basement, or lost in a move. There are so many images that are locked in my brain forever, that I will never be able to recreate. That were never printed or posted anywhere and I'll likely never find the originals again.

Castle Grounds Landscape

So I decided to do something about it. I decided to look up how to be a photographer more professionally. This lead me down the path of stock and eventually microstock photography. A couple of my favourite photos that I happened to have on my phone later and the experiment had begun. Was my work good enough to be approved? If so was it good enough unedited?

Turns out it was. Surprisingly. Even the photos that seemed to me to have major flaws were approved. This knowledge had me thinking, and researching even deeper into the industry. Words and acronyms swirled through my brain, RF vs RM, exclusive photos or exclusive photographers, copyright laws and taxes.


So I removed the photo that I didn't really want to be considered my best work and began to edit photos from my past. Photos I've taken over the past couple years. This is where I am now, at the beginning of my journey and hopefully what will become my career.

Photo credits: Jodene Humeniuk.

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July 05, 2017


That's great,

July 03, 2017


Nice Photo, Good Luck & Hope you will find your Photo Memory & upload it soon ....

July 02, 2017


I hear ya. I've recently stepped out of the shadows, as it were, to show my stuff to a wider audience and that involved stock photography too. I too was surprised my stuff was good enough to be accepted! And we're only getting better as time goes on. :)

July 02, 2017


Welcome aboard and good luck.

July 02, 2017


yes, don't stop your new journey :) --- I have some photos on my portfolio and am now starting to edit photos from the past too - amazing how much more you can get out of your old work with new editing software - glad I started really early with using raw...

July 02, 2017


👍 Nice !

July 01, 2017


Every great journey starts with those first few steps! Looks like you are on your way. Have fun and enjoy the trip ...

July 01, 2017


I too am starting to do the same thing. I have many homemade installations of my own photographs in my home. But why not sell them for others?

July 01, 2017


What are you doing right now? Let me guess, you are taking... 😊

June 30, 2017


Your work is quite nice. Onward through the fog!

June 30, 2017


Good luck on your journey Jodene... I hope it bring's enjoyment and success :)

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