Beginning time on DT. What are yours sales here??

Irish castle

I joined DT about 6 monts ago but wasn't use it untill last month. I was focused on different stock websites and lerned a lot in half of last year. Anyway I have a lot - mostly landscape pictures, and they are accepted with no problem here. I uploaded 100 picture in January and only 10 was rejected so far.

But sale are not great here in my fellings. I sold 4 pictures in January. First one was great motivation, becouse I've got over 4$ for it, but then it's get slow.

If anyone can tell me how is this stock works for you comparing to the other I will be grateful. Regards


Photo credits: Patryk Kosmider.
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January 29, 2010

Thank all of you for respond. I'm patient - don't worry - I was just curious how is this comparing to the other stock.
All this links are really intresting, and Zanpix - nice explain about ss - it's why I wonna tried on the deeper water :)

Regards for all :)


January 29, 2010

Your portfolio is great so don't worry. I think january is a slow month so maybe you have more luck in the next months


January 29, 2010

re: the "Small Portfolio Big Returns" link below. With all due respect to the photographers: we must take into account the time frame! its very important. All the ports listed are with dt since the begining, the ports have been up for years. Hence the many downloads. Just wanted to point this out, cause many dont look at the time frame. they see : oh wow that pic has been dwn loaded 473 times! Yes it has, but its been in the search for 5+ years!!!
kosminder: i know of you from ss you are suprising me with your sucess there, uploading stamina and downloads. regarding dt you have to give it time. BTW: at the other site (ss) you get spare change for each sale, here you get dollars, keep that in mind. at ss buyers dont hesitate to down load a pic, cause its so cheep. here they make sure they need that pic and that the quality is acceptable, diffrent ball game.


January 29, 2010

Maybe you'll find this interesting:)
first months on DT


January 29, 2010

Yeah it takes time but it will come...


January 28, 2010

That's not so bad :)

I'm asking becouse i finding one of the other stock much better.
For exaple in this month I sold 387 pictures on one stock so far...
That with six months of uploading and 600photos in gallery :)
So hopefully sale will come in here as well :) Regards


January 28, 2010

Be patient ,i am sure sales will coming soon to you also:)


January 28, 2010

You've got good stuff - sales will come... My first four months in terms of sales went 1, 9, 30, 66...


January 28, 2010

I upload to 5 or 6 stock agencies on a regular basis. Dreamstime comes in #1 or #2 consistantly month after month for me.


January 28, 2010

it's no different from any business.
timing, persistence, your inventory (in this matter, being your photos),
knowing the marketplace (in this matter, the people who download your photos), and a lot of luck (as in any business).
oh yes, and getting the right keywords, because without that, your images will not be found.
it isn't always the "best" images that sells. as many of the top sellers will tell you. users do not look for the "best", they look for the one that fits their usage.
i don't think anyone really knows. like someone once used to joke with me , "if i did, i would not tell anyone, and i would start my own stock site and put just those images... all my own, ha!ha!"
just keep uploading, as volume plays a big part too. you are just one tiny blade of grass in a very large field.


January 28, 2010

I takes time to develop what sells for you. Your persistence will pay off. I've written a number of blogs for newbies which may give you some insight. Here are two to start you off:

Small Portfolio Big Returns

Getting Increased Portfolio Exposure for Newbies



January 28, 2010

It will become better.


January 28, 2010

Have a look at my blog (see my profile) in the "statistics" category, you will find all the earnings comparison.