Behind A Photographers Lens - My "Take" On Why I Do What I Do & Love It!

Every single time I shoot someone’s wedding, just a few days prior to the date, those old familiar feelings start setting in. I’m talking about the stress, fear and anxiety of worrying that I may miss precious moments that they can never get back. But what’s funny is once I get there and go to work I always seem to get reminded what the reasons are that keep me in love with what I do.

Just to put everything into perspective, allow me to set the scene.

It was a late afternoon wedding and as always I was there early to prepare for lighting situations and to find the best angles to shoot from. The bride wore a pink, backless lace dress that showed off the beautiful cross tattoo that her ‘soon to be’ had created on her back, his unique wedding gift to her done a month prior. The ceremony took place under a 3 sided metal carport that had been draped in lights with organized hay bale rows with beautiful sunflower arrangements attached at each end. It was obvious that this wedding was organized on a limited budget, but even so, it still provided a lot of character and charm.

I recall that the lighting was exceptionally hard to work with because the sky was dreary and gray due to the impending rain that was sure to come during the ceremony. But that rain didn’t seem to even bother them.

I distinctly remember that manually adjusting my settings just weren't working well so I took a leap at the last moment and relied on my Nikon to do the work for me in auto mode. Every photographer knows that letting go and doing this isn’t an easy thing to do, but I did. To my amazement the results I got were above and beyond anything I ever expected!

The point I want to make is that this wedding in particular revealed so much more than just getting some great shots. It taught me a few more things! One thing was to always strive to see those beautiful things that others don't happen to catch, regardless if it’s by getting a great shot by what I see through my lens or just seeing how beautiful the love two people share is, no matter the cost. Another thing was to always trust my eye, my talent and know it’s alright to relax while I'm doing it! And to not be so selective with my shots because some of the shots I don't think are that great at the time can become my favorites later! And finally I realized that sometimes it's okay to un-follow the rules and do my own thing. Just like when I took the chance of shooting in auto mode because it provided some of the most beautiful photos I have ever taken!

And now for the happy ending. When I found out they had welcomed twin baby girls into this world almost a year before and this was the reason their wedding was on such a limited budget, I gave them every photo I took as my personal wedding gift to them and never charged them a dime. Because they taught me something far more important than the importance of making a profit that day.

Here are just a few moments I captured that day:

This photo in particular was taken during the time I arrived early to prepare for lighting or to adjust my depth of field for specific shots I knew I wanted to get during the ceremony. Honestly I had no intention of showing it to them as part of the ceremony shots I did get, but to my surprise it turned out to be one of mine and the brides favorite photos of the day!

Sunflower Bouquet

Here are some other favorites!

Yellow Flowers Stuffed In A Western Boot At A Rustic Themed Wedding

Wedding Bouquet At A Rustic Themed Wedding

Wedding Bouquet At A Rustic Themed Wedding

Pink Wedding Dress In Rustic Setting

Photo credits: Pamela Mcnally.

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April 23, 2019


Thank you so much for the kind words William! Like I said, sometimes my nerves get the best of me and I feel like I should change my genre, but there always seems to be something that "gets" me about every single event or portrait (I do family, senior year, etc. too) that keeps me wanting to stay in it.

On another note I love wildlife photography as well but haven't ever been lucky enough to get to shoot anything like that other than at the local zoo! :D I can imagine it must feel incredibly freeing as well as satisfying to capture any kind of wildlife in action like that.

I'll be sure to drop by your gallery and I'm sure marvel at your talent!
Thanks again for the lovely comments!

April 23, 2019


God bless you for doing weddings!!!! It takes skill, creativity, confidence and a lot of people skills. I lack most of those so I'll stick to wildlife! Thanks for writing. Nice images too. William

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