Beijing folk handicraft.

Beijing clay figurine.

Clay sculpture art is a kind of old and common folk art in China. It regards earth as raw materials, in order to pinch by hand and make into shape. Or plain or color, take personages, the animal as the core.

In China, history of the clay figurine is very long, can be learnt from the historical relic of history in China, pinched the craft which moulded the clay figurine 3,000 years ago. All parts, north and south of China, have skill high actor make clay figurine very, but clay figurine at that time to collect imperial palace noble mostly. Clay figurine in folk to prevail in a large amount really, after Ming and Qing Dynasties in China .... At the temple fair in annual Chinese New Year, many folk actor's scenes make clay figurine for everybody, the price is very cheap. Especially the foreign passenger taking a trip to Beijing says, this is a kind of good and inexpensive good gift.

Several years ago, I was on business to Australia, took some " Beijing clay figurines " for the friend there, they like this kind of work of art very much.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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