Beijing national geological park

Beijing National Geological Park is 50 kilometers away from Beijing, and the inside of karst caves secondary chemical deposition landscape. Local name for the hole to SHIHUA CAVE.

Geopark is the current domestic karst caves found in the large-scale, multi-layer, the entire sedimentary types, the large number of secondary chemical sediments of the caves. Multi-hole sticks to the floor structure, from top to bottom seventh floor, a five-Road to 5000 m long, 6, seventh floors of underground water and filling the underground river tunnel layer. hole altitude of 251 metres, diving from the surface area 160 meters, is near surface cave diving.

Beijing SHIHUA CAVE national geological parks, in addition to part of the underground karst cave inside and secondary chemical deposition landscape, and there is still stratigraphic section on the geological structure and geological relics, such as acting part of the landscape and ancient architecture and the humanities, such as history of the landscape.


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Photo credits: Linqong.

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Beautiful detail on the inside of this cave. the image with the child is delightful. :)


In the countryside, "Fangshan," called SHIHUA CAVE(石花洞)



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