Beijing Olympic access for freelance photographers - China does it right!

After spending some time in Beijing and shooting several Olympic events I have to give some praise to China for how well they

handled the masses. Specifically freelance photographers with no press credentials were treated quite well. The volunteer staff was very friendly and helpful. Despite all the security checks, I never felt like livestock being herded around like I so often do in western airports and high security events. There were very few restrictions on cameras and I was even able to get a monopod into a few events without a problem. When there was a restriction the staff would take your item and give you a receipt so you could pick it up later for a small $2 fee. Overall very impressed with the attitude and friendliness. My questions for the DT community are

1-If anyone was at the games or Beijing at the time did you receive he same treatment?

2-How is western media portraying the situation are there favorable reviews of the event staff and overall treatment of foreigners during the games? I’m still in china and don’t really have access to unfiltered western media.

3-Anyone planning to shoot the Paralympics in Beijing next week? If so feel free to contact me and I can give you some location/scouting tips.

Photo credits: Pniesen.

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September 03, 2008


Very good shots.

September 03, 2008


Thanks Linqong, hope yo enjoy the paralympics!

September 02, 2008


I am very glad you had a good time in Beijing,I'm Chinese,I live in Beijing.I'll go to shoot the Paralympics next week.

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