Beijing Olympic Games

the beijing olympic game is coming in next few days, that's a historic event for both chinese people and the whole world, what can i do as a photographer living in Beijing? how to capture the most touching moment, how to record the historic event, it's really exciting and also a challenge for me.

if you stay in beijing during the olympic games, please join me together to share the beautiful time. and please pay attention for my uploads about the beijing olympic games.

expecting for the olympic game:

Photo credits: Jasonjung.

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August 02, 2008



August 01, 2008


One world,one dream!Look forward to your wonderful pictures!

August 01, 2008


I was in Beijing last summer and captured a record of the construction under way...... How I wish I could be there this summer.

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Grounds

I can't wait to see your images.

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