Beijing Olympics not for everyone

Political uprisings are common place in democratic societies. But not so in China. The Chinese Communist Party ensures that dissent is continued to be frowned upon and dealt with harshly.

Since China won the 2008 Olympic bid it has sought to show the rest of the world that human rights are well respected in the country. But the Falon Gong, a movement that practices meditation, claims that its members are so badly dealt with by authorities, they continue to be tortured, murdered, and have their organs harvested and sold. In this protest march in Brisbane Australia, the Falun Gong carried photos of their lost relatives and friends who they claim are the victims of authorised murders in China.

For these people at least, raising awareness of their cause is the only positive to come from the Olympic Games

Photo credits: David Omar.

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August 03, 2008


And who cares ...

August 03, 2008


Who is right,Who is wrong?Do you know?Are you sure?May be you are fooled. So,keep calm.DO NOT relate the olympic game with this,DO NOT relate politics with Olympics.

August 02, 2008


you need to read the story Jian Zhang. It is a record of events. It says what the protestors said. Perhaps you have difficulties with people having opinions that differ from the state.

August 01, 2008


This is not true. Falun Gong members made up those lies for political means, some for obtain foreign residency, such as your country, some for catering western media. Organ harvest? Are we in Iraq? Just tell what you see, record events with your camera. Stories behind the scene may be mendacious。

July 29, 2008


Beijing Olympics not for you!

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