Beijing Olympics testing time for China

You only have to see from the comments made on my previous blog that the Chinese cannot handle scrutiny and have the opinion that everyone else in the world should back off and let them do their own thing.

The rest of the world no longer thinks it is acceptable that a single party can govern a nation. And human rights violations are considered by most of us a sign of a barbaric culture still steadly rooted in middle-age philosophy.

This next few weeks will be a testing time for the Chinese Government. They will need to prove they have developed the diplomatic maturity to deal with the rest of the world. The world has offered their nation engagment over containment, it is up to China to accept it, and lift the voodoo from their executive culture and modernise their society if they choose to live in this world.

The images on this website provide a valuable resource for anyone who is doing a blog, an article, or even a protest brochure about treatment of people in China, or those wishing to use the Beijing Olympics as a background.

On the left is a picture of a man who is under censorship and has his mouth taped. On the right, something more to the point. A reinactment of what the Falun Gong claims happens in China. Their members are tortured and then have their organs removed for use on Communist Party members who have failing medical conditions.

Bernhard Schiestel has provided this illustration based on a Tibet human rights rally. That would be a great addition to anyone deciding to protest against China.

Photo credits: Bernhard Schiestel, David Hilcher.

Your article must be written in English



Kbkgraphx this is a political discussion. And, it is about the possibility of using microstock images in protest articles.

You might have done better suggesting: In my opinion ... rather than attack the writer.


I guess I am being too subtle. My point is that buying a camera "Made In China" is supporting the very government you are against in your article. If you're going to protest, hit 'em where it hurts (in the wallet), because nobody behind the big Red firewall is going to see any of this anti-Chinese government stuff anyhow. They might not grasp human rights, but they surely get economics. A better protest would be to check the country of origin on products you buy (i.e. cameras, equipment, etc.). Either that or good luck trying to out-propaganda the master propagandists. Photos are not gonna cut it.


ERRR ... sorry. I thought that was what this article was about!


Who do you think assembled your "Made In China" camera? The very same (or similar) downtrodden souls working for almost nothing in hazardous conditions under the boot of a tyrannical regime. THAT would be the significance.


Really don't see the signifigance in that Kbkgraphx


I hope your camera wasn't made in China, that would just be silly!

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