Beijing Welcomes You

In the summer of 2001, I sat in front of TV to watch the release of host city of Olympic 2008. That night, July 13 if i remember correctly, every Chinese shouts out, "Beijing, Jia you!" Yes, It is Beijing.

At that time, I was a high school student, preparing for the university entrance exam. 7 years later, during which i went to Beijing for 5 times, the Olympic Games is exactly ongoing very well there.

When the Olympic torch relay came to south east asia, i went to malaysia to suppor the torch relay. I was also in Beijing when 100 days count down for the olympics. Beijing Welcomes You!

I believe that the opening ceremony shock the world. What's more important, many world records have been broken. In the magic swimming pool, Phelps himself has broken several WR. Now he held his fifth golden medal in hand. Chinese weightlifting team is wonderful. Liu Chunhong, a very lovely chinese woman, broke 3 world records in 6 attempts 3 hours ago!

Beijing Welcomes You!

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Photo credits: Bukitdamansara, Zhiqian Li, Etherled, Jorisvo, Sergiu Turcanu, Sofiaworld, Tadeusz Ibrom, Zqfotography.

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August 14, 2008


What an exciting event, ZQ! I wish I was there too to watch the events, photograph your beautiful country, and celebrate with you!

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