Beijing well-known park

Beijing, as China's capital, has a long history and culture.

Now I introduce some of the famous Beijing Park,I hope to be able to help you know Beijing. Welcome to Beijing ! :)

1 The Palace Museum

The Palace Museum, historically and artistically one of the most comprehensive Chinese museums, was established on the foundation of the palace that was the ritual center of two dynasties, the Ming and the Qing, and their collections of treasures. Designated by the State Council as one of China's foremost protected monuments in 1961, the Palace Museum was also made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.

Situated at the heart of Beijing, the Palace Museum is approached through Tiananmen Gate. Immediately to the north of the Palace Museum is Prospect Hill (also called Coal Hill), while on the east and west are Wangfujing and Zhongnanhai neighborhoods.

2 Summer Palace

Situated in the western outskirts of Haidian District, the Summer Palace is 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from central Beijing. Having the largest royal park and being well preserved, it was designated, in 1960 by the State Council, as a Key Cultural Relics Protection Site of China. Containing examples of the ancient arts, it also has graceful landscapes and magnificent constructions. The Summer Palace is the archetypal Chinese garden, and is ranked amongst the most noted and classical gardens of the world. In 1998, it was listed as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

3 Beihai Park

Beihai Park has been a playground for emperors for hundreds of years. Some attribute this site to Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan and founder of the Yuan Dynasty in China. The island at the southern end of the lake is said to have been created by excavating the lake on the orders of Kublai Khan, and this location is associated with his great palace. This would have been the centre of Beijing before the Forbidden city was build in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Unfortunately, all that remains of the Khan’s palace today s a large jar made of green jade.

4 Beijing Botanical Garden

Beijing Botanical Garden, lying in the foot of the West Hill of Beijing, has by tradition been engaged in the conservation of the native flora, especially plants from northern, northeastern and northwestern China. Its attention is also concentrated on research, public education and recreation. 200 ha are currently opened to the public, including the living plant collections, the historic sites, a nature reserve. Excellent displays are made monthly in the main conservatory, penjing (bonsai) garden, the arboretum and 11 outdoor gardens: tree-peony garden, peony garden, rose garden, ornamental peach garden, lilac garden, crabapple-contoneaster garden, magnolia garden, fall color garden, perennial garden, bamboo garden and mume flower garden. There are more than 1.4 million visitors every year from domestic and oversea.

5 Badachu Park

The name Badachu means Eight Great Sites, and refers to the eight Buddhist temples and monasteries scattered across Cuiwei, Pingpo and Lushi hills at the foot of Beijing Western Hills Scenic Area. Located along the outskirts of Beijing, it was restored during the 1980 and has since become a famous tourist destination.

There are a total of eight former Buddhist temples and monasteries in Badachu Park. These are the Temple of Eternal Peace (Changansi), the Temple of Divine Light (Lingguangsi), Three-hill Nunnery (Sanshanan), the Temple of Great Mercy (Dabeisi), Dragon Spring Nunnery (Longquanan), the Temple of Fragrant World (Xiangjiesi), The Cave of Precious Pearl (Baozhudong), and Zhengguo Temple.

Photo credits: Alexandr Vlassyuk, Sang Lei.

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Will only take a look at the most famous places to spend a week or so.
The economy will get better, and hope you can come back as soon as possible to visit Beijing. :)


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Before i travel to Beijing just stay 3 days only.
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The Great Wall
The Great Wall, like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal(1) in India and the Hanging Garden of Babylon(2), is one of the great wonders of the world. Starting out in the east on the banks of the Yalu River in Liaoning Province, the Wall stretches westwards for 12,700 kilometers to Jiayuguan in the Gobi desert, thus known as the Ten Thousand Li Wall in China. The Wall climbs up and down, twists and turns along the ridges of the Yanshan and Yinshan Mountain Chains through five provinces--Liaoning, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Gansu--and two autonomous regions--Ningxia and Inner Mongolia, binding the northern China together.

The Badaling Great Wall 60 kilometers away from Beijings is in the bright Great Wall's outstandingrepresentative, because here extends in all directions, thereforebecomes Badaling. Possibly everybody can ask that, why has to speakthe Great Wall to construct in here? Actually this mainly is becauseof the Badaling area important geographical position. It not only isguarding the bright imperial tomb, moreover also is Beijing'snorthwest front door.

The Badaling Great Wall is in the history many significant eventstestimonies, for example the dreary queen mother Patrols Good fortune, Yuan Taizuenters the pass, west Empress Dowager Cixi runs away and so on,Badaling all is after all the road. Speaks of here, but also somestory must say for everybody: Is located closes the east end gateroadside, some megalith, the fable the Eight Power Expeditionary Forceattacked into Beijing in 1900, Cixi runs away in the west on the waypasses through here, once stood in this stone other day looks thenational capital, therefore this stone on is also called looks theBeijing stone. But present this stone already not that highlighted.


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Thanks for the great pictures! I was at these places quite a long time ago and it is so nice to refresh it in a memory.

Bejing is an amazing city with a lot of places to look at and to take pictures.

And what about The Great Wall of China? It is close to Bejing and also very beautiful. Would you be so kind to provide us with its pictures?


So glad to see these great pictures.


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Great photos, would love to visit, I enjoy the detail in Chinese architecture.


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