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I have been a member now for about 5 months. Its been fun... I still have no idea what DT wants in terms of stock and what they will reject. I have submitted pictures that I was certain would be of great interest, only to be rejected and have also had the reverse happen also.

I do have a small beef with that only because I worked in creating and archiving stock shots for many years and thought I had a good idea on what would be useful. I have to admit though that my potenial audience is small and that my focus is narrow, but living where I do its difficult to be any different. I am not a designer and never will be but I know that many of my rejections would make good stock. I will quote an example; There is one University in Newfoundland and its the largest in eastern canada. I looked for stock of the institution on DT and there were none. I spent an afternoon taking shots of the campus, buildings etc. only to have them rejected. I requested that some be reviewed and they were accepted and have sold. I'm not whining but I live in a place where the economy is booming even in the recession and there is a lively IT sector. I wish I could appeal some of my rejections on the basis of knowledge that editors are not privy to.

Just some thoughts.

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