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Being number 1

As most of you guys know that soon DreamsTime will have more than 6 Million photographs (at the moment 5,983,709 online + 30,526 pending half of them are enough to reach 6M!), and with all the statistics that DT gives, we come to a conclusion that it is not that difficult to over pass the number one micro-stock site (Almost 7.5 million photos)!!!

This means if we make DT the number one site in number of photographs, we can get the attention of buyers from number one site as well!

Many people care about ranking lists of services to decide where they can buy! So let them see their lists with DT on top...

© Mani33

If each photographer upload 15 photos & get approved DT will have one more million photos online!

Let's say half of the 70.000 photographers are active which means with 30 approved photos each, DT will have one more million!

More images might make it more difficult to show your portfolio, but hey think of the possitive side... More buyers will visit us and make their shopping!

Isn't this good!!

What else left to say, let's work on it? I trust you will...

Cheers :)

Photo credits: Alexandr Makarov, Feng Yu, Maen Zayyad, Sharpshot.

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August 05, 2009


Sounds good...but being the number one isn`t only a matter of quantity. These 30 or 60 or even 100 files must be in the top on the line.
DT is great in a lot of things despite of there are sites that are better sellers. So, it could works if the selling plans are accurate to that 7 millon or 10 million images. This topic is for the marketing team.

June 27, 2009


Hi Irisangel, of course for us DT is #1 but we have to put him officially for those who still doesn't know :))

Wildmac I don't think they will hear about it because we are saying 30 but each one will make 60 photos... Ops said it again :P

Cheers ;)

June 26, 2009


I'm in!!! But as far as I am concerned, DT is already #1. My best site by far.

June 26, 2009


Sounds like a good plan, as long as the number one site doesn't hear about it! They might beat us to it. lol :0)

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