Being so open..

Am I maybe the only person who is blogging about my personal things like family, thought or ideas? I wish my english was better to give you some of my advices or maybe my photographic background was better to tell about tips and tricks. Maybe I should try one day.

I know one day I'll write you my story. About a guy who as a member of Rotary Club International traveled to some faraway countries and found out a pleasure of holding moments on the pictures. But if you really want to hear about it...? My passion is out of there, out of my strory/ history. Not now. I'm a shy guy. I have to get o well with giving you my private life on a tray. I thought blogs are all about it.

But I see so many good ideas and tricks, photographic ones, and couldn't find so many who are opening themselfs on others with private thoughts that I'm thinking maybe I'm the wrong here. Maybe I shouldn't be so open..Maybe I should be more technical and not so much lyrical.

Well I don't know..

I feel very good with being in Dreamstime community. I met so many nice and warm people I haven't met in other agencies and it's fantastic.

My skin is thick and I don't give a shit about who is thinking about me in the wrong way as long as I really like this place and there are people who likes my way of perceiving world around.



Photo credits: Lukasz Tymszan.

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August 30, 2007


I agree, but many of us realize that these blogs are a history that is impossible to erase so we are cautious.

I am new to dreamstime. I hope to find wonderful pictures here and maybe post some of my favorites to the site for others to see. Time is hard to find these days. Seems like I am working or driving. I need to stop and see the beauty in life.

The other day there was a mist in the valley and some horses were playing in the field. Where was my camera? At home and I was on my way to work. Sad because those sights are not always there.

August 30, 2007


The blog is supposed to be a record of personal thoughts. The trouble is that the blog is for the public eye, therefore people are always cautious about what they write. Some choose to be more honest than the others. Dreamstime blog is more than public, meaning that you have many more chances to have your blog read by tons of unknown people than having your personal blog on the internet.
But I do not think this should be an impediment. You can write whatever you want and like, personal or un-personal.......people will read it. Some will leave comments, some will not. I would read it, not quite sure about leaving a comment :P. But who cares? We all like to share.....We all share on the blogs. So go ahead and tell us your story.

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