Being unique on Dreamstime

All of us try to be different, one of a kind at work, in relationships with different people, or when expressing ourselves. But I think everybody knows how hard is to be unique on Dreamstime. Now, with more than 8 million pictures online, this mission becomes even harder. Harder, but not impossible.

I personally used to “copy” different concepts sold very well, but some of these pictures are still waiting for buyers. So, I dare to “think” about something original from time to time and when this idea is materialised… I might discover that this concept is already approached on Dreamstime or somewhere else. Yes, maybe I should search the database first, but sometimes I simply feel influenced by other images and this negatively affects my work.

But the satisfaction is enormous when you see your concept ready. Of course, things change when the image is rejected. But this does not stop me to recreate a concept, to improve the quality of the picture or to free my imagination.

I still believe there are unlimited ways to approach a subject…

Photo credits: Lucian Milasan, Dmitry Sunagatov.

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March 12, 2010


Great images & nice concepts! Good luck with them!

March 12, 2010


being unique is nice, as you can build yourself a niche. :P

March 12, 2010


Your work is very creative! I was going to tell you I loved the frog jumping photo, but then I saw the Big Ben photo, and then I saw the time concept photo, and, well, I think it's just better to tell you that these photographs are all very creative, and I love them all. :-)

I agree with you. I think there are an infinite number of ways to creatively see a subject through the lens. Some people are just better than others at seeing them, and you clearly are one of those people.

Keep up the great work!

March 12, 2010


Remember to............
 Rise above the rest 

March 12, 2010


Nice pictures!! Lucian you have a very nice portfolio

March 12, 2010


You are a very creative photographer, Lucian! I agree with your ideas!

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