Benefits Of Wood Fuel

Wood fuel is cheaper

-Wood is much less expensive than fossil fuels - and prices of fossil fuels are rising.

Wood fuel is cleaner

-Wood fuel is carbon neutral.

-Carbon emissions can be reduced compared to fossil fuels.

-Modern wood fuel combustion technologies are clean and efficient.

Wood fuel is renewable

-In addition to high quality saw logs, well managed

woodlands produce wood fuel which is a renewable source of energy.

Wood fuel is secure

-wood fuel is a local source of energy, which reduces the reliance on unstable supply chains.

Wood fuel creates and sustains rural jobs

-wood fuel is supplied locally which is why it keeps rural areas alive by creating new business opportunities.

Wood fuel and managing forests have positive effect on biodiversity and wildlife

-Managing forests promotes growth, because left to its own devices woodland will decay.

Photo credits: Taina Sohlman.

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March 09, 2011


nice pics really.good luck

March 09, 2011


When I was a child we used wood fuel in a city. Not just us but most of the people. Later on when I was around 16 we got central heating. Each year we bought the wood in the fall (quite an expense) and it was brought home on a horse cart. We stored it in the cellar. During winter it was my job to chop it and bring up about 10 -15 kg all the way to the third floor. My father was very clumsy and he was not good at it. I was very proud of doing it on my own from 11-12 years of age.

March 09, 2011


For rural areas it might be an alternative energy source. But for big cities , it is impossible. Can you imagine NY with wood fuel ?

March 09, 2011


Dont know about this, i might be wrong but, I think the world is too overpopulated to use wood fuel.
In a very short time all the wood wiould be depleted and the new growth would not be ready for harves yet.
Not even mentioning the dammage to the envirerment/forest land.

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