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A crazy idea came up to my mind which is to make a collection of my favorite photos from some of DT photographers...

Photographers that I meet in blogs, message boards, favorites...

At least I started with them...

Unfortunately most of them are not listed yet...

That means I went to each photographer's portfolio & had a look at the images carefully and chosen at least 2 favorites from there!

It was away to help me in creating an image of who is who!!!

(Don't worry I get crazy sometimes as I said :)))

And believe me it was really difficult to choose in most of them...

(I prefer the game, at least I have 2 choices :))))

Remember that my choice was upon what I like and payed my attention... That doesn't mean that I don't like others of course...

Well I will leave you with the collection now. At least it's away to know me and what I have chosen from your portfolio...

If you want me to choose from your portfolio feel free to write me here, but please don't ask me why, other wise I have to quit my job and stuck here! Haven't I tell you that I'm crazy?!

Ok ok the collection.

Cheers ;)

Photo credits: Wabeno.

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Thanks Olyashevchenko the pleasure is mine ;)

I've chosen them because I really like them.

Cheers :)


Maen, I've just recently discovered that you made your collection. You should know that it's a great honour for me to be included there. Thanks!:)


Hey thank you too ;)


Thank you, Maen!


Thank you all people! I really like it here and like your work.
Some of the portfolios are giving me pleasure to check & really hard to choose what is the best of each portfolio!
At the same time I said to my self I am really crazy to put my self in this...
Have to check each portfolio! Maybe my grandchildren will continue the mission! LOL

Cheers everybody ;)


Thank you, Maen :))


Thanks Maen!
I know AVIÃO...And: Rock is a beautiful woman? In Argentina is a "bombón" (scrumptious girl, candy)


Thank you, Mani :)


Hahahaha. Thanks for the link, Animal is definitely still my favorite. That's my kind of crazy :0P))


Thanks everybody :))

Marilyngould they are two ;)

Oh Wildmac now you've mentioned it. Animal and the Swedish Chefe were my favorites LOL

Refresh your memory, cheers ;)

Rita Moreno in the Muppet Show


Hi Maen, Thank you choosing two of my pics. Going by what Littledesire said, I must be cold, wet and moonlit, lol. As for you being crazy, well the word crazy conjurers up pictures of 'Animal' The puppet drummer on The Muppets, in my mind. Very funny :0))) Thanks again.


Hi Maen!
Thanks a lot for choosing also two of my illustrations! Bye, Rob.


Hello Mani, Thank you for including one of my photos in your collection! As for "crazy", I prefer the term intriguing! Cheers, Marilyn


LOL, well the expression ROCK is not used in Portugal for a beautiful woman, we use the expression "PLANE = AVIÃO"...
I know you enjoyed reading that I'm crazy but you forgot the part of don't ask me WHY :P :)))

Cheers ;)


Maen, you don't have to tell us you're crazy! We all know it :)))
Thanks for adding my photos in your collection!

When you say: "It was away to help me in creating an image of who is who!!!", do you mean I'm a big beautiful rock with a wedding bouqet? :)))

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