The best file transfer site on the web and they support DreamsTime

I work for a busy ad agency, and we need to move large digital files around throughout the week to clients, commercial printers and industry partners. The problem is that some people and some companies don't have FTP sites or FTP programs to access our FTP site. The solution is to use one of the online File Transfer sites that allows you to email someone a link to download the files you are wanting to provide to them. We've used many of these sites.

Recently I found a site that allows you to transfer up to 2GB for FREE and they don't require an account with them whether you are the sender or the receiver. This website is And here's another cool thing about WeTransfer, they have giant ads in the background of their web page and one of those big ads is DreamsTime! When the DreamsTime ad is up, there is a giant beautiful image in the background (which might be yours!) and a link to DreamsTime in the lower right corner of the web browser. There are other advertisers on WeTransfer, so you may need to refresh your web browser window a few times to see the DreamsTime ad and link, the ads change randomly on refresh.

This is a great free service WeTransfer is providing and a fantastic place for DreamsTime to be promoted.

So the next time you have to send groups of large high resolution image files to someone, give WeTransfer a try. Your friends, family and colleagues will love the simplicity of getting big beautiful photos from you. And you'll be promoting DreamsTime too!

Photo credits: Mike2focus.

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March 14, 2013


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March 14, 2013


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March 13, 2013


Great, I will change filetransfer site instantly! Thanks :-)

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