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I started with shooting animals in the forest and flowers on ground a couple of years ago. just for fun, then I found out that you can sell your pictures on the internet. So I decided to try that out to, because the pictures i got on my computer was kind of old and taken with a bad camera I decided to get my self a new one. so I got the canon 40D fairly nice camera. but I am still waiting for my pictures to sell. but I hope that some day the dream shoot will come and the cash so to =). I love walking out side in the nature and take shoots of the surroundings. I am thinking of doing some insulation maybe to step up my overall quality of my photos. this is little about me and what i am thinking right now. thanks for reading this.

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Photo credits: Peter Lindholm.

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April 08, 2008


yes dreamstime is quite strict. But i found other places to be stricter, haven´t been successful to get any of my photos in there.
its god that there are strict i think. Not so much junk photos then.
I can recommend the canon eos 40D

April 08, 2008


i want to buy a new camera too,dreamstime is strict.

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