Best Selling Easter Bunny 2012 - Game

All of us went through a stage when we daily check the statistics and with frustration or with joy we observe how our images are bought by people around the planet. Sometimes it is a kind of stereotype, that puts you down as nothing special happens, so couple of days ago I had an idea - why not to make it a bit more exciting? - to give it a faster spin and have fun at same time?

So I came up with an idea of a competition (in sales increase), that will bring some thrill and maybe sell some images faster. The idea was to create a thread full of requested images, that will help buyers to find what they look for and which will bring excitement for contributors...

I was thinking of choosing topic, that will sell some of my images, but than I realized, that Easter is coming and for success of competition I have chosen topic, which buyers will search for sure - the Easter Bunny, even thou I don't have bunny in my portfolio... -never mind, anyways, I am already enjoying the excitement of game, as first competitors joined and first images showed in - the sweet real bunny, the cool chocolate ones, cute dog dressed as bunny... those images are great and do deserve your attention, so whether you are a contributor willing to join, or someone wanting to see the players submissions, you are welcome to visit the competition here - Best Selling Easter Bunny 2012 Game. Enjoy!

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March 27, 2012


Seems like it is starting to be exciting :)
Short update - Peanutroaster opened the score with +1 download followed by Ivanamedek with +1 DL as well... Who is going to score next?...

March 27, 2012


Yes, What a good idea, I just sold some bunnies yesterday!

March 27, 2012


Cool, one of mine sold today!

March 23, 2012


Fun! Fun! Fun!

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Photo credits: Janceluch.