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Before moving to a new year, we would like to disclose some backstage info for our active and ever growing contributing community: Dreamstime's 2009 best 10 images, a list of the most downloaded files this year. And since this cat is out of (Santa's) bag, here is another tip: although last year's top ten images still sell well and remain among most downloaded - in top 20 or 30 - they are no longer featured in top 10. Which means there is always room for improvement and fresh content has been uploaded in the meantime.

Seasonal images seem to lead the way - or should we say light - as first three most downloaded are Christmas related. What is surprising about these files is that they have been uploaded in the second half of 2009. First place image for instance has been uploaded at the end of October and has already reached record number of sales. Moreover, the file was uploaded by a contributor with a relatively small portfolio which shows that anyone can have a Dreamstime best seller anytime.

All images featured in this top ten come from different authors which proves an equal distribution of sales among contributors. Top 5 contributors with most images featured in the first 50 best sellers are: Andresr, Yuri_arcurs, Kurhan, Italianestro and Kjpargeter.

Concept-oriented, these top ten sellers seem to cover a wide variety of themes: Christmas, family events, business and/or teamwork, environment and/or nature, people diversity, leisure and holidays and last but not least, pets. Compositions are rather simple and have enough copy space for designers to play with.

Hope the info is useful and might have shed some light on our buyers' preferences for 2009 at least. Have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New year.

© Acik
© Derocz
© Ba-mi
First placeSecond placeThird placeFourth placeFifth place
Sixth placeSeventh placeEighth placeNinth placeTenth place

Photo credits: Beata Becla, Andres Rodriguez, Ba-mi, Roman Dekan, Juliengrondin, Kelliem, Kirsty Pargeter, Radovan, Michael Pettigrew, Yuri_arcurs.

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I'm obviously reading this very late--looking forward to the best of 2010--great images from everyone--I've seen those feet hanging off the tree many times & still love it-I think it's one of my all-time favorites. Like them all a lot.


Hello! I just stumbled across this blog, and have to say that I'm very happy, but also a bit surprised that my photo taken in October can be a best seller for the whole year. I always expected that the big guns here have way better sales, and I will never be able to compare. What do I know :)
Someone mentioned heavy touchup on the photos. The only work that was done on this one is some levels/contrast improvement, adding top part of the bg from another photo in the series to make it square, and adding a few shiny stars. I doubt there is a photo out there with less touchup these days :)
Congrats to all! And thank you Dreamstime for welcoming my photo so warmly :D


Very good blog, Tangie, by the way, you look terrific on your photo.
Christmas images are beautiful, the couple at the beach is a dream come tree, have you noticed the clouds in hers head? Isnt it like she wonders what the future will bring them? The burning car in a polluted city and the single oak tree are obvious choices for environmental communication, the team work and the diverse team work are all in sintony with what the market wants, about leisure, Radovan said it all, nothing like put your feet over the sea, and the dog and the cat, opposites together, one large, one small, one striped grey, the other plain brown, but both cute and the same expression, amazing images, really, no wonder how they are the best of 2009, let me see what 2010 will bring to us.


Such useful info and insight to trends, colors, etc. Helpful and inspirational to me as a new buyer. Please do this every year!


Oh well, looks i have to work aaaaaa looooot more..;) Congratulations to the big 10


Great info indeed. My observation is that 8/10 of the images are heavily retouched (4th and 9th may be the only 2 exceptions?), and in fact a few are purely computer generated images. I may be stating the obvious, but this does seem like spelling 'doom' to the purist photographer in the stock image business.


Great images! Congrats and to you all my best wishes for 2010 with tons of sales!!!


Congrats to all best sellers. Happy New Year.


Nice photo.I hope my photo too.


Nice photo.I hope my photo too.


amazing pictures,wish you even a better 2010


Beautiful images.. Well deserved to be best sellers.


You can expect hundreds of copies of these images soon :) It probably does more harm than good to featured contributors...


Very useful info for me, Thank you! and merry Christmas!


Thank you for it, and merry christmas!


Thanks for the info! I need to work hard next year!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all those that work so hard behind the scenes of Dreamstime and also to my fellow contributers and buyers xxx


Congrats to these wonderful photographers :)


Congratulations to everyone. You have inspired me.


Thank you Carmen for your post. That's the kind of information that is all ways good to have. A merry Christmas and a great New Year to you also.
I think I try to do some seasonal images,would be a good photographic exercise. Cheers


Interesting post, and great images!


very creative!


fantastic images, thanks so much for this info :)


Beautiful shots... I like more the feet in the coconut tree ! Amazing ! Congrats!


Great illustrations and photos!

Thanks Carmen for info.


Thanks for the info! :) Wow, the first one really rocked it! 281 dls in 3 months, not bad :D


Thanks, Carmen! Great insight. :)


Good info Carmen & thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas to you & happy new year ;)


Great pictures.


Interesting info, always good to know the flow.


Excellent info, cheers Carmen! Have a great Christmas and best wishes for 2010 :0) Carol

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