Best-selling period of the year

I wonder when is the best selling period of the year? When do you sell the most and when your sales seem to drop worringly? My number of sales is too low yet to make statistics, so I am looking for your opinions :)

I was thinking that sometime around the end of summer and in autumn is a good way to sell Christmas and New Year related works, as well as sometime at the beginning of the year for V-day and Easter. And these are only a few "basic" exemples.

And for the rest of the photos, not related to a certain important subject, I guess there shouldn't be a certain period, it's just your luck :)

I'm waiting for you to share your experience!

My last sale:

Photo credits: Dark3y3s.

Your article must be written in English



Well, about that I'm sure :)


my best season for sales is generally fall but it really depends on what your portfolio is based on, the more diverse you are the more balanced your sales will become


Thanks for sharing your opinion!
I agree with you, quality is the most important :)


This topic pops up every now and then. IMHO there is no bad or good period for uploads or downloads. When it is summer in Europe, it is winter in Brazil.We cannot foresee what kind of picture will be needed, by whom and when. I read in another blog that it is a numbers game.X number of pictures are needed by Y number of people.When I started at DT, there were 2.4 million pictures in the database, now almost 12 million. If you want to sell then provide quality. And don't worry, top sellers are unpredictable but they exist.


Can't wait to have such numbers in sales :D Good luck to keep it going!

Thank you and thank you for sharing your statistics!


Here it is how I been doing:
Jul 2010: 38 sales
Aug 2010: 41 sales
Sep 2010: 61 sales
Oct 2010: 71 sales
Nov 2010: 74 sales
Dec 2010: 54 sales
Jan 2011: 89 sales
Feb 2011: 94 sales
Mar 2011: 109 sales
Apr 2011: 79 sales
May 2011: 117 sales
June 2011: 80 sales so far (at this rate I expect to have over 120 sales)
You have great images, I suggest to upload as many images as you can, you can; I know you must be amazed by my numbers but it took me a while to understand this and start uploading more images (and I only have 521 images for sale). In 2007 I only had 9 sales, in 2008 I had 39 sales and in 2009 only 85 sales.


I see. Maybe someone who hasn't uploaded that much in a while might share his or her experience? I'm really curious about this thing, I ran into blogs about microstock where sellers where claiming that there are certain better periods during a year.


I guess that for me as I upload more images I sell more, so every month seems to be better than the previous.... although December wasn't good since I had a drop in sales.


Thank you David, I'm glad you like my work :)

I agree, I just sold an underwater picture for almost 2$ :D


Don't worry just upload more and more pictures............ your portfolio impresses me ! Sometimes the most ordinary of images sells for a 'big' price. David.


Hmm, interesting. And when is your best selling period during a year? I've seen you have a lot of sales so maybe you have noticed certain ups and downs?


It is hard to say - most images that are season specific may still sell throughout the year. For the initial upload, though, I would recommend maybe three months before. As an example, I have a Christmas image with 37 sales. It was uploaded in January 2010 - it sold:

Mar 2010: 1 sale
Apr 2010: 1 sale
Jun 2010: 2 sales
Jul 2010 :1 sale
Sep 2010: 1 sale
Oct 2010: 7 sales
Nov 2010: 5 sales
Dec 2010: 8 sales

Then one in March, one in April, and now 2 in June. Outside of obvious ones like holidays, I would agree that it probably doesn't make much difference...


I was wondering for the long term, to have an idea of when is it best to upload new stuff related to a certain topic :)


I find it interesting - the smaller the time period the more variation you see. When I look month to month, I usually see some drop in revenue from March to June, but if i look at the quarterly numbers it is surprisingly steady... My advice is to look at year over year number (how you do this June versus last June), and the quarterly numbers. Only problem is that is takes a year to get going!

If you worry about a week's drop you'll drive yourself crazy, especially if your portfolio is small.

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