The best shot I never got.

I think one of the best shots I never got was of an Eagle that came swooping by me while I was on a walk through a woods.

The Eagle grabbed a rabbit and was just taking off when a huge hawk who apparently thought it was his territory tried to get it away from him.

I had left the camera home because it looked like rain, but during the battle that was very close to me I kept thinking I'll never get this view again.

So, what's the best shot you never got?

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August 22, 2007

Wow.. what a great photo opportunity! I can relate to your regret at having not had your camera at hand.

My 'best shot I never got' was very similar to yours, actually. It was New Year's Day (Jan. 1) a few years ago, and I had decided to spend the day looking for wintering bald eagles. They were reintroduced here in northern OK several years ago, but were still a somewhat rare sight. There were several roosting at the eagle sanctuary along the Arkansas River, but it was closed to the public, and the only way to see them was from a distance, using high-powered binoculars or scopes.

I had pulled into deserted cove at a remote state park that morning, and to my surprise, saw a mature bald eagle about 15 ft in front of me, perched on a piece of driftwood at the water's edge, fishing for his breakfast. I was still in my car, and didn't want to scare him off by getting out of the car. I tried to focus through the windshield, but lost sight of him through the viewfinder. I raised my head to re-frame the shot, just to see him flying across the cove with a fish in his talons.

I was extremely disappointed at missing that shot, but I reminded myself that in a way, I *did* 'get the shot'.. not with my camera, but with my mind. I have never forgotten the thrill of stumbling upon such a beautiful sight, and my sense of awe at being that close to an endangered animal in the wild. The image in my mind will always be there to remember and enjoy.