Best time for photography?

I am new to stock photography, and trying to upload as many photographs I can. I am bit confused I just want to know which is the best time for shooting pics in a day.

Plez checkout my portfolio and respond to it.

Photo credits: Picstudio.

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Nice PF, you seem to have a good balance between illustrations, studio work and nature which gives the buyers choice. On the time of day issue, with studio if using a lighting setup it wont really matter, however, with wildlife nature, the best time is early morning or late afternoon when the light is warmer and gives better tones to the subject, it also avoids harsh lighting and shadows etc...Keep it up, your images will sell :0)


Nice piks, Keep going!


Thanks Aughty


Any time. There is no time frame for when capturing images. There are time frames for creating images in different types of light like sunlight. There many different sources to use for lighting an image, many books written on this subject. And it's all subjective. So don't let the time of day keep your finger off the trigger.

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