The Best Way to Sell Images Online

When wanting to sell your images or start a business there is one great issue. How to show your clients what they are buying without weeks of work into crazy website designs? The answer? The Show Me Proofs image sale system. It is so good I use it on my own business site - Spectrum Studios Photography

The proofing system is made available by the wonderful nameless creator at This script, entirely free, makes it possible to easily;

* Show your clients the exact images that are for sale

* Password protect certain events

* Price your images differently

* Allow clients to add images to their carts and check-out automatically

* Allow clients to pay via paypal

As I mentioned before I use this on this site so please have a look at the system in action on one of my events – U11 Hockey- Vikings and St. Pats - 18th of September

*This is not an ad, I have not been paid for this, this is a tip for fellow photographers.

Please view the original article on my website - Spectrum Studios Photography | The Best Way to Sell Images Online

Photo credits: Jordan Wallace.

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