Best Wildlife Photography Tip: Shoot Everyday!

An overcast January morning with a slight breeze makes it a bit chilly for my exposed fingers and nose. Perhaps I'd rather stay indoors. But the grass has been mowed around the upper pond, there’s a lot of bird activity, and so it is a great time to go shooting!

Eastern Towhee songbird, Georgia USA

Bird photography tips abound. There is everything from concise web pages to multi-volume books on the subject. The tips range from knowing your species to knowing your equipment; tips on shutter speed, aperture and ISO; tips from back-lighting to flash; tips on manual settings to program modes; and tips on anticipating a birds actions.

But the best tip I’ve ever read and have put into practice is: GET OUT AND SHOOT EVERY DAY! I made 2018 my “birding year.” I got outside nearly every day and shot hundreds upon hundreds of birds. Many of those shots weren’t that great, but every once in a while, you snag a gem. Every once in a while that little bird allows you to approach close enough that extreme cropping isn’t needed. Every once in a while you’re on top of your game and get that flying bird in focus. Every once in a while you come upon that rare migrating warbler.

Even if you are deleting hundreds of photos, you are gaining a great amount of practice and experience. So,GET OUT AND SHOOT EVERY DAY!

Photo credits: William Wise.

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March 24, 2019


Really nice capture! Your camera is like any tool...the more you use it the more familiar it becomes to you and taking photos becomes second nature!!

March 23, 2019


Nice shot!

March 22, 2019


It's a very beautiful picture !

March 21, 2019


Excellent way to put it, John... "might not make you perfect but it certainly means you make fewer mistakes" How true! Thanks for commenting.

March 21, 2019


I couldn't agree more. Practice might not make you perfect but it certainly means you make fewer mistakes, get to know your camera better and have to delete less.

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