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I get excited every time I get the chance to write or research. It has always been a strange passion of mine and so has photography.

I love to look at things in a different way, and to be able to tell a story beyond the lens of my camera. In college I spent many hours in the dark room, and was even allowed access after I graduated. I remember one project where we were challenged to take photos without manually focusing, but instead had to get close enough that it brought itself into focus. I love to find the things that are not ordinary. Many in my class did close ups of flowers...I did a close up of...well, bird poo. Why not? If that gives you any insight into my mind. (and no, I don't photograph poo...that was a one time thing...the contrast was unique.)

I hope as you all visit my photo site that you experience life in a new way through the lens of my camera...but that it becomes your experience as well....that you see something unique to you.

We have a remarkable God, and everything around us has been touched by HIM and within lays His fingerprint...even if it is bird poo on the hood of a car.



P.S. Any revenue gained from these photos goes towards our son's therapy room. Our son was diagnosed with Autism in 2004. I do a home program with him. This is my job since I cannot work outside our home.

To reach other families and those who work with our kids, my husband and I founded an organization. You can read more at

Photo credits: Pablo631.

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June 17, 2008


Thanks, Denise. Love the photo of your dad.

My son talks about meeting Jesus and wanting him to come visit. He told me the other day that he asked Jesus to build him a house on THE ROCK.

Blessings to you and your family. And yes, we do serve an incredible Father!

June 16, 2008


i too love strange little details, we have such a creative Father, He made such a wonderful world to explore and discover. i pray for many sales and great blessings as you minister and work with your son.

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