Bidvertising for placement?

This is more of a request / question / petition, to see what others think, with the possibility of our editors/admins input.

I have been earning a living for 9 years, on which is a totally different venue, of "set your own price" for live psychic advice by phone and email.

Several years ago, a few years after Keen started in 2000,

they implemented a bid for top placement option within their site.

At first, it annoyed the advisors.

Now, it has become a wonderful tool, to make it possible to step into the business early, late, or to jump back in from breaks, and always earn money around the clock.

Would it be possible, to have a bidvertising section area on dreamstime,

similar to keens "featured advisors" section and front page spots?

I would imagine, it would be a very challenging concept at first.

The amount paid for exposure, for best selling images, would have to be in proper proportion to the earning capacity, otherwise it would be a big loss for the contributors.

Possibly it could work, if we were allowed to feature our best images at a fair rate, and slightly increase to compete for better exposure?

I may be putting this out there like a pipe dream, but it may seem like an interesting idea worth chatting about...

I'd love to read your thoughts and opinions!

Photo credits: Loveliestdreams.

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April 17, 2010


Hi Gmargittai, I can imagine, the idea would horrify people at first. And then, they would love it!
Since Dreamstime has gone for the cut-throat approach, with the "get paid to report bad keywords" tool,
I think it should go all the way and join the masses like ebay, google, keen, overture, etc!
A small healthy section for promoting contributors choice, would not hurt the rest of the site. It would grant the contributors more control over exposure, and help bring attention to some very ignored images or help raise levels of quality images to the top quicker.

April 17, 2010


I don't think the buyers would appreciate it. This would distort the searching results. And the sellers... When you do not sell you would blame those "professionals" that crowded themselves in front. This is not a new idea, all the commercial search engines do this (Google Yahoo everybody), putting better paying clients in front of the lesser clients.

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