The big blog question blog

Do more of you have questions you can not directly find an answer to?

Do you have remarks about blogging you can't get answered or don't get answered.

Ask them here please.

I'll start of with my own and build it up in the comments and I will add them in a follow up Blog.



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* When will there be a follow up function on blogs. I want to follow up on my comments on other blogs to see if there has been a response. Now I will have to look through all blogs or bookmark every blog I want to follow up.



* What are the rules about the blog credits?

I know it's not about the credits but hey if I get them I want to know why and how?

* What makes a blog appear in the hot topics

* What makes a blog appear in the usefull topics?


Give me your questions and remarks and I will collect them and make sure DT hears your calls (or screams if you may ;-) )

***The images used are images not mine but one with zero downloads to give these contributers a knock on the shoulder and to answer a question in Part 7 of Boost up your sales*********

Photo credits: Nikola Spasenoski, Tyler Olson.

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August 23, 2007


I, too, would like to know if there are rules for the credits. I am also curious as to how a blog gets into the Useful Section or the Hot section.

August 23, 2007


To follow up on your own blogs, go to to your profile. Under your image, there is a link to your blogs.

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