Big decision about my DT account!

Well I have finally decided that after almost 5 years on DT that I will now go EXCLUSIVE! I am just waiting on some of my other accounts to close on other sites.

It just has been to much to do keeping track of these other sites and I will now be able to focus all my effort to DT.

I really feel that I am making the right decision with this. Can any of the exclusive members give give me some of your experiences on being exclusive?

I do look forward to being exclusive to DT!


Sunshine skyway Bridge at Dawn

Photo credits: Todd Lipsky.

Your article must be written in English



@matthiase - Agreed - after much thought I changed my mind and will stay exclusive with DT. I do not have the time to do this with multiple agencies and DT has a really great community.


For me it was too much work to be in multiple agency's at once. All the key-wording and keeping track of all images, that have been accepted of rejected.

I love the DT community this i what get me stuck here=). Everyone is so helpful and nice.
I was a beginner when i started out in the stock business, i have almost know clue what i was doing. I had a lot of refused images and got depressed and didn't understand what is was doing wrong.

"Why are my flower images getting refused when other peoples images are accepted!!!?".

I reed up on all the refusal reasons and i get progressively got more and more images accepted. But just getting to know compositions and lighting.
And also reading a lot in the forums and getting tips and ideas from blogs and forum posts.

Im exclusive with DT, and have 2200 images online as we speak and more in the pending line.
Im also and editor and admin at DT, from a complete noob to a editor, its a big achievement for me


Well -After a year. For me it is not worth it. Perhaps if I was uploading hundreds of photos a week it would be...but I don't. I will be taking my exclusivity off.


Hello Sebastian - I suppose I will not know until I go exclusive. As of now it is a pain uploading to individual sites....key wording...MR forms..ETC.

I have a friend that is exclusive here and it seems he gets more exposure as well.

After a few months being exclusive here I will need to come back and then answer this question again.



It's basically the same except that you got some benefits like $0.20 for each uploaded file and subscription sales are a bit better price as well.

I was about to ask the same to none exclusive member having accounts in other agencies :) So in your opinion it is not worth it ?

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