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Hello All

I'm very proud to announce the launch of my brand new website. It is still in development but already contains quite some interesting articles. Topics go from basic over advanced microstock to photography and a whole lot more. Learn how to sell successfully images online. Check it out : Tips on selling images at BIG in microSTOCK

Have fun,


Photo credits: Dirk Ercken.

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Tanx for sharing!


Thank you for sharing your website!! Very useful info, very well written and organized! Already in my bookmarks! :) Well done! Congrats! Best regards!


Thank you so much for sharing your site with us! I've bookmarked it. :)


congratulations !! :D


Great idea!


Man, that is perfect!




A really useful website! I will be reading it again and again. Thank you!


Congrats and good luck!


Your site looks great.


Many thanks, Dirk!


Thanks for the compliments!
@Cooper and Ewapix I send you a message.


Thank you very much for the link to your website. I have read it with great interest and it all seems to be true for me (still a newbe in the great microstock world)- with one exception. I have a good acceptance rate with the other two big agencies (I only have my images on the Big Four) and despite my rather small portfolio my images on their sites sell very well. However, I don't seem to have much luck on DT. I love DT, it is great, it was the first agency to accept my images, their reviews taught me so much about the quality of the stock image, it has a fantastic friendly community, lots of people here are happy to offer encouragement and advice, the royalty is very nice indeed and I would love to be able to generate more sales form this very friendly agency. It is possible as I can see a lot of contributors doing extremely well here. I know this is not the critique forum, but perhaps you could have a quick look at my portfolio and tell me what you think? I only dare to ask you because your website is written in such a way that it really appeals to me, very personal and yet not patronising and a lot of what you had said there was what I was thinking myself. I just really would like to improve my chances of selling on DT.


Very informative site. Thank you very much. I was wondering if I should stay exclusive here with DT as I really need to improve my earnings and thought widening the net would have a better result.


Thanks for your reactions!


Very informative site! Thank you for sharing!


Very Good website!


Thanks for the advice! i appreciate it! I removed the right click block, maybe later I'll reinstall it just for the images.


So far what I've seen of the site is very well laid out and very informative. I notice that you've disable the right click menu on the website. I understand doing this to reduce the number of people saving images, but personally I find it very irritating not being able to right click to open a link in a new tab. If I weren't so interested in the material on your site and were simply browsing, it would probably push me on to a different site fairly quickly. As it is, I am having to copy my current URL, open a new tab, paste it, and then follow the link. Ugh. Other than that, I like your site. :-)


Thanks for visiting my site!


thanks for all the info, I found your book very interesting and helpful!


Very interesting web.


Excellent website, thanks!


Thanks for you nice comments!


Nice work! Continued successes with it.


Congratulations on your excellent website. I'm in the advanced category and even on my first read through your site I learned several excellent selling tips - thanks.


Great site. Very useful to the microstock newbies like myself.


congrats for your new website! I didn't have time to look at it thoroughly but I have already bookmarked it to come back later as I found the info very interesting and useful!


Very nicely done! The information about how to use a tripod was especially helpful - I had thought "how hard can it be?", but you provided some very useful tips. Thank you.

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