big smile!

There is a story about one boy, who wanted to make people happy. So what did he do?

He got in a bus, and smiled to the driver. And the driver now didn't feel the same. He was changed. Then, on everyone who would enter in the bus the driver was smiling to him. Now all who were in the bus when they came out, they smiled to the others.

People like to see smile, not just on images, but deep from your heart. If they can't give you a smile, then give them you.

Photo credits: Nikola Hristovski.

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So true.
A smile makes a lot of difference (and it costs nothing)


I love your smile! Keep on smiling! I saw your awesome portfolio.
The girl with the parsley on her head was funny. It reminded me of my sister and me goofing in pictures. I had a bunch of banana on my head and she had a whole cabbage leaf cupped up on her head!
happy times :)


i love the smiles


last week at the grocery store, there was this baby with blue eyes that kept on smiling at me- and i smiled too- for a long time :)
made my day!


completely agree..:))) people should smile more and more.


when I was first year on faculty when we have english class I met one girl,and we were talking about our gifts and talents. and then I sad to her -I don't know what is my gift. And then she told me that most of the time I look happy and I'm always smiled, and maybe that is your gift - she said- to make people happy.
that's why she tell me the story above.


Can I have a smile too? :)


People tend to take simple gestures of kindness for granted, but the story you just shared is true. One smile can change a bad day into a good day. :)

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