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After a few edits and improvements to my Bio/Artistic Statement in my profile and looking at the ones of others. I noticed that the little box supports HTML, at first I played around with editing the font from bold to italic to create more structure. Then I realized that links can also be created, very handy for creating links to managed collections and lightboxes, a way of organizing your portfolio into categories and displaying a link on your profile to each one.

I have not been able to add images in the html box as it is probably not supported.

None the less it is good that you can play around with basic HTML and have well maintained content in your statement.

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Photo credits: Perry Toone.

Your article must be written in English

December 17, 2008


I just want to say thanks again. After I srtucturized my portfolio and placed the links into my profile, my sales grew higher. I'm new to DT and very happy that now I've 1 sale almost every day. Your tip did really good :)

December 07, 2008


Thanks for the tip!

December 07, 2008


Your are right, great tip. I like your drawings.

December 07, 2008


I'm new to html but I've made my personal info with a variety of links and fonts. I just didn't have italic font. I saw your source of page and made my final word italic. ;)

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