This bird was begging for it.

Sometimes you just have to take the photo.

My wife and I recently made a trip through the California Mountains and of course from time to time we would pull over on an overlook to take a break and enjoy the view.

And naturally my friend Mr. camera is always along and on the ready.

On one of the overlooks it had a very nice view but it was early morning and had just a hint of fog hanging over the valley.

Nice to look at but not to great for photos.

But then along the side of the Mountain came this Vulture. It just soared without ever flapping it's wings. It had just a glint of sun through the fog that put a little highlight on it's feathers.

As it went by I got the camera ready and set the exposure but by then it was already by us. I mentioned to my wife that that would of been a good shot because the angle we had from the over look made it seem like we were up in the air right along side the bird.

No sooner had I said that the Vulture turned and came back to us and just made big circles right in front of us for at least five minutes.

Just enough time to try different settings on the camera to get a good shot.

When I was done I said thanks to the bird and it soared off down the coastline.

I had not planned on the shot but it was begging for it. What could I do.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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April 27, 2009


Great shot. That was so nice of him to cooperate with you.

April 27, 2009


What a fabulous capture! Nice shot!

April 27, 2009


Gorgeous lighting for this shot...nice work.

April 27, 2009


Hi Mr. Dave, thats one of the best shot I have seen, ummm perfect. I guess you need thank the vulture too. Anways lovely picture and great job

April 27, 2009


Thanks for the comments, Always appreciated.

April 27, 2009


This is the most attractive shot of this bird that I have seen -- thinking that it is a California Turkey Vulture and they are generally not appreciated for their "good looks" :) The lighting through the wings is beautiful. Well done.

April 27, 2009


Wonderful shot ! Nature gives us many great opportunities for creativity, your bird shot is a proof of that.

April 27, 2009


Haha yeah it's amazing how many birds get a buzz from being in front of the lens. Great shot by the way.

April 27, 2009


Very nice! Yes, the light in the wings makes the shot. The head is also lit so you see some color.

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