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Birds Eye View, Great Blue Heron close up

Even for those of us for whom “droning” isn’t our thing, we are often captivated by photos and video captured with drones: wide, sweeping landscapes, distant horizons, aerials of vast lakes shot from above the clouds. Aerial footage grabs and holds our attention and imagination. What is the reason for this? Why is drone footage so extraordinary?

Drones give us a perspective on things in ways we can never naturally see them. From high up above our normal position, drones give us that proverbial “Birds’ Eye View” on the world… and that appeals to us! Who wouldn’t want to be like a flying bird or soaring eagle! The outstretched wings and keen eyes of the hawk personify freedom; a freedom other creatures covet.

Turkey Vulture soaring over Tallulah Gorge in Georgia

A fellow Dreamstime blogger and photographer Simon Desjardins wrote, “One of the great advantages a drone offers is that it can get where we cannot…All of a sudden we can be transmuted into a bird and cross frontiers to reach our goal.” A soaring bird has a much greater field of view than us earthbound pedestrians.

The “bird’s eye view” image speaks to something even beyond birds. It speaks to a higher power; and that is why aerial images may speak to our hearts. We immediately have images of a God with a much higher vantage point than ours… outside of time and space, in fact. And what an advantage it is to have that God, and His “God’s eye view” on your side!

Eagle Eye, Red Tailed Hawk profile

A recent evangelist to my congregation spoke, “God has a bird’s eye view of our lives. He knows where He is trying to take us. He knows what lies ahead.” God’s view sees more than the moment we are struggling in. A higher view changes our outlook on trials and failures. Instead of stopping us, we see them as teaching moments along the road to help us move forward. The evangelist concluded, “This is just a small portion of your life. But use it to move on.”

When an aerial photo shot by a drone speaks to you, be conscious of the thoughts awakened in your soul. “Oh to have the capability of a bird and see all the landscape before me!” But even if you’ll never learn to fly, Oh to have the capability of a God on your side who knows all the road ahead of you! “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:9), saith the Lord!


Soaring Turkey Vulture, Georgia, USA

Photo credits: Rolffimages, William Wise.

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February 01, 2020


Of course , beyond our sight and mind takes us the world lets say it is Gods' sight. Thanks!

February 01, 2020


GREAT blog, thanks for sharing.

January 23, 2020


Thank you William for the good word. I surely say Amen! to it. Surely our worldview must transcent our little world.

January 22, 2020


Please help me sir

January 22, 2020


Hi sir I want money 

January 22, 2020


Very beautiful.

January 20, 2020


Thank you Wil for reading and for the kind compliment! 

January 20, 2020


William this is  really ispiring blog and philosophical perspective of life . I totally agree with this feelings!ThanksWil

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