Birds habitat and avian fauna of Madhya Pradesh, India

: Woolly-necked Stork in Dewas District

Indian State of Madhya Pradesh has wide variety of habitats. It includes Mixed Forest, Dry Deciduous Forests, Mountain ranges of Vindhyachal, Satpura, River Valleys of Narmada and Chambal, Plateau of Malwa and Various Grasslands. Gorges and Ravines hosts various flycatcher species also.

About 450 species of all types of Birds found here which includes Wetland Birds, Woodland or Forest Birds, Grassland Birds. Many birds species comes here for migration during Winter, Summer and Monsoon while some species seen here as passage migrants. Endangered Lesser Florican (Sypheotides indicus) can be seen here during monsoon months at Sardarpur and Sailana Wildlife Sanctuaries, Sarus Cranes(Grus Antegone) can be seen at Buranakhedi Wetland of Indore and Yashwant Sagar Reservior.

Vultures also seen at two three different places here. Ruddy Shelducks (Tadorna ferruginea) arrives at different wetlands in winter months from Laddakh (Himalayas).

Southern Grey Shrike(anius meridionalis) a winter visitor seen around the Cultivation and Agriculture Fields.

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Photo credits: Shariqkhan.