black background

It is simple, open one picture in photoshop and mark it with rectangle... and do copy, open new document with same dimension auto and do paste... on the left side is layer box with two layers one is background colored on white, with mouse stay on it and colored it on black... that is it... excuse me for my bad English language, bye, Dragan Grujic.


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August 16, 2007


Ok let's pretent the photo you are copying has a white background. Then you'll have one layer with a photo with white background and a layer completely black. If you merge you will be left with only a black photo won't you. If you use opacity you can maybe get a grey photo where your subject is grey also. So how does this method colour only my background to black?
I guess you forget to mention to mask it and delete the black from your subject but then again you might as well colour your background in the originall file as wel.
I don't get what you are trying to tell us. Please explain.


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