the black card be used in photo night view of city - Dreamstime

When shooting night view of city

you must prepare four kinds of things usually

1. camera

2. Stand

3. Shutter

4. Black Card

The black card is mainly used to balance the light

When conditions in high-contrast


Need to balance the light with a black card

for example

the situation of the picture

the light is the picture

the light of left building site need about 2s is F22 but the light of right site (tall building ) need about 30s is F22. how to have the two building in a picture at the same time (do not use the photoshop at home...)?? the all the Exposure 30s and F22 so you need a black card to cover left site about 28 seconds and you must shake the black card to Avoid to with a black line in the edge of card then you will get the picture.

and go take picture...enjoy that~~~

the other picture with using black card

you can link the youtube ...but the langeage is chinese...

black card

Photo credits: Jeffplay.


night view

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April 09, 2011


Beautiful pics!!!

April 08, 2011


Just like in the old days.... Thanks for sharing.

April 08, 2011


Great images,congrats!

April 08, 2011


beautiful photo!

April 08, 2011


nice pics

April 08, 2011


Thanks for sharing,great idea!
I'll surely try it out

April 07, 2011


you can try that . ...

April 07, 2011


I use black card like shutter for large format analog camera or for covering in darkroom. But I had never try use it for night scenes with digital camera. Thank you:)

April 07, 2011


I like it ...... very analog photoshop ! cool...

April 07, 2011


never heard and never used that black card.. will check that out, one picture is 15s on F11, other is 30s on F22 :) forget.. I havent understood the post, know I am getting the left and right :P

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