Black Friday

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving day in US, when Christmas shopping begins.

While many worry about how to cook the big bird, others have something different in mind: to get the best spot in line for the Black Friday sale. Some people skip Thanksgiving to camp outside the store, others move their party to the campsite in the overnight waiting line.

Stores open very early in the morning. At 5am, the final wait can be quite exciting.

There are lots of good deals and the excitement of shopping is not damped by early morning sleepiness. The search for bargains continues even in the long wait for checking out.

All the excitement and gift buying is a reminder that holidays are coming soon.

Happy holidays!

Photo credits: Jinlide.

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December 03, 2009


Thank you all for your comments!

I came to learn about Black Friday only in the last year, the term actually dates back to 1966. I managed to get up early to capture the long lines and was able to do some shopping. It was quite a scene. Those who stayed overnight seemed to have fun too. It could be dangerous in an excited crowd though. There was a case of trampling death last year during this event.

Frantab01, Black Friday is just that Friday after Thanksgiving but the sale seems to be extended forward and backward for couple of days, not till Xmas though. But there are all kinds of sale around holidays.

December 02, 2009


If you were there you must have bought me something! Or maybe you got trampled and had to spend all of your money on a new camera...???

December 02, 2009


HAHAHA it's always the same everywhere about these big sales!
It happens from time to time on the opening of new big stores that give big sales! :))
Nice shots!

December 02, 2009


I've seen on TV (I'm italian) these scenes and I thought "Americans are really strange, but I like them!" :-) Good job. Bye, Rob.

December 02, 2009


what fun!!! wish I could in one of those places the night before and of course for the deals :) fun fun fun! great images! well done :)

December 02, 2009


have a good Black Friday!

December 02, 2009


Wow, that's manic - didn't know about black friday - it's a great way to encourage people to shop till they drop - everyone loves a bargain :) hope you managed to get one too
is it just one day of sales or till xmas

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