Black and white photography seems to have something more to say to us then usual colored one. If this rose where red it would be like other roses lovely, sexy, calm, happy.

To me black expose gave this rose some sadness meaning and little drops of water on petals seem like it is crying. Now this peace black rose is says about something sad and terrible that happened. Color seems changing everything in her expression.

Black bench also says more about the sad feelings, it means something unhappy and loneliness even if the view is beautiful but it is also in black color so it does not disturb the viewer. Colorful one with some wonderful colorful autumn trees frame is in opposite to it, happier and peace place.

Is black and white photography having only this sad expression? not necessarily but of course example of happy smiling woman or childe in black/white is obvious but what about objects and landscapes.

This what I found panorama of Shady have more light then shadows that’s why is still a peace and heavenly place, not dark and sad. So it all about balance between light and shadow I think.

Photo credits: Serban Enache, Britvich, Øystein Litleskare, RobbieChin, Ivan Mikhaylov.

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