Black and White - photoshop (CS3) cheatsheet

Have you ever converted any image to black&white? If yes, do you remember how many different ways and settings are there?

Photoshop itself has several ways (filters) how to make b&w images and each filter has many presets...

Wouldn't it be great, if you can have quick preview with different filters and presets? Well, you can. Thanks to the smart objects there is a very simple way.

Just create one big file, use place command to place some image as smart objects and then make many copies of it (use duplicate layer). This is easy... just set different filters with different settings on each layer and you have your "quick preview".

See, how can this quick preview looks like: image1, image2.

As I already written, it is easy to create PSD file with smart objects, but why to spend time creating one, when You can download already created file? If you are interested, I made one this morning and You can freely use it. Just download it from here. Note: you will need Photoshop CS3 or newer to work properly! Photoshop CS2 can work in limited way, because there is no support for "Black and White" adjustment layer.

How to use it?

Well it's simple... Open the PSD file. There are several layers (some of them are in groups). There is just one layer you really need to work with. It is called "ORIGINAL". Just double click the layer and photoshop will open image with 1500x1500 pixels resolution. Place ANY image here and make sure, that the image is scaled to fit in the "square". Then You need to flatten image. Just go to layer menu and select flatten image (last item by default). Then just close this square image and click yes when asked to save the file. Then let photoshop to do it's work... Photoshop will change all images and reapply all filters.

Under every b&w variant You can find description about used filter and preset.

Hope this file will be useful to you. BTW: You can setup different filters and settings. Just open the groups and go through layers. I hope that you will understand how it works ;)

BTW: This is not my original idea. I just saw it in latests "Photoshop user TV" show and decided to make the PSD file and I just want to share it with others. It took me about hour to create it, so it can save you some time ;)

Photo credits: Tommounsey.

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August 19, 2008


Wonderful! Really good to know. Thank you for share!

August 17, 2008


Thanks, great info!

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