BlackBerry Mobile Phone.

It is a great invention in the modern technology. People can communicate through it easily not only as a mobile phone, but as a communication device using the Internet facility, and other Communication facilities. It is as a small protable PC.

This type of mobiles have been invented for a purpose of business communication. It was invented to be used by employees and company managers, for business purposes and important emails.

Unfortunately we can see that it is being purchased and used by teenagers and school boys and girls ranging of age 10 till 18. The purpose of being used is for fun, games, songs, pictures, chatting, and internet.

This type of devise is not advisable for these ages.The reason is the causing unfortunately to the new generation distraction, lack of studies, lack of communication with others and family members. All these symptoms will lead to negative reactions on the new generation.

It is advisable to start in advising the parents to monitor their children, in order to help them continue in concentrating on their studies, their social life and communication.

I have written this blog, due to what I have been watching and monitoring in my daily life. Teenagers that due to this genius devise, have stopped communicating with their parents while having lunch outside as a family. Other children and teenagers started failing and their grades decreasing at school.

I hope this article will have a slight impact on people, to be able to look after their children and their future in school, university, professional and social life.

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Photo credits: Lepas.

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January 17, 2011


Thanks for sharing... Good advise...

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