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This topic has been on my mind for a long time. Maybe you too.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people don't realize that the microphone on their phones is so sensitive that they could whisper in the midst of roaring jet engines or clanking trains, and the other party will hear them clearly.

While sitting in my children's Karate class I started sketching an obnoxious man blabbing on his phone. I tried to keep his expression passionless, as if he was having an unemotional conversion. That would keep the emphasis on his loudness. Most people who I see like this are discussing mundane things anyway. I gave him a red shirt because that color tends to invoke negative passions. The bowl haircut is based on the Three Stooges.

Actually, the mouth was much smaller. After inking and scanning it, I selected the mouth in Photoshop and used Edit=Transform to scale it 30% larger. As usual, I brought it in Illustrator, traced it and that's when the fun began with colors and shading.

I've seen lots of "text bubble" images and I thought this would be a perfect candidate. Of course, someone could delete or replace it. I just hope it makes it more marketable.

Photo credits: Eric Basir.

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July 31, 2010


Thanks everyone. You are very kind. I wanted to share Phone tapping device about a hacker who invented a device to monitor and record cell phone conversations. When I read the headline, I thought of all the people who talk so loudly on their phones in public and said to myself "I don't need this fellas expensive device to hear conversations. People already make their phone conversations public!"

July 31, 2010


Funny idea, congratulations!

July 31, 2010


Very good idea with the illustration...:) Well done. Great article, Eric!

July 30, 2010


Nice one! :)

July 30, 2010


very good story and illustration.Some people want everyone to know their business,they just don't understand we could care less...LOL

July 30, 2010


Very funny, Eric!

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